Survival “the state of continuing to live and exist”

Serenity “the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.”

At its core Survival and Serenity is about Rewilding Humans

Rewilding Humans?

So what does Rewilding Humans mean exactly? It means we have to abandon society, rid ourselves of all material possessions not essential to our survival, live of land in an untouched woodland, walk barefoot, and cease to be an environmental burden on the planet. I’m only joking 😉

Rewilding is a fairly new concept, and Rewilding Humans is virtually untouched, meaning there is a lot of speculation and confusion as to what it encompasses. Rewilding Humans is not about any of the things listed above, some people may take it to those extremes, but Survival and Serenity’s view of Rewilding Humans is something that can be applied to normal everyday lives as well.

Rewilding Humans is an approach that encourages us to live the truest, healthiest versions of ourselves, and uses nature as the elixir to help us do this. It is about undoing aspects of our domestication process not beneficial to our lives. This can include unnatural eating habits, sedentary lifestyles, and much more.

The most important aspect is heading outdoors where there is an infinite stream of possibility. A wilder place where we can be more spontaneous and carefree.

Survival and Serenity draws knowledge and wisdom from that of tribal living, and also that of the eastern monks (particularly Buddhist, Taoist & Yogis), but ultimately it is about using our own innate wisdom and learning through experience.

Our Tribal Ancestry

For 99% of human history we lived in tribes and had an inseparable connection to the natural world, this was a simple uncomplicated existence where survival was our only real concern.

Fast forward to today’s fast paced, status driven, consumerist society, and it is easy to understand why many people don’t feel happy and fulfilled.

We have been domesticated. Our lives have been unnecessarily complicated, and interlaced with illusionary problems. There are many times when we forget to just breathe, smell the flowers, and enjoy the moment.

Survival and Serenity’s view of Rewilding Humans is not about going back to some golden age where humans lived in tribes. With 7.4+ billion humans that is no longer possible on a large-scale. We can however apply some on the wisdom from tribal living to  help benefit our modern lives.

The Rewilding Process

Ultimately the process of Rewilding Humans is about us learning to find more freedom, simplicity, balance, improved health, and a deeper connection to natural environment. This will not only bring more serenity in our own lives, but will also contribute to the survival of wildlife, and the planet as a whole.

Survival and Serenity can give you the tools you need to:

Rewild Your Mind

Rewild Your Body


Rewild Your Life

You don’t have to adopt an all in or all out approach. Take what works for you and discard what doesn’t. You may slowly find yourself becoming addicted.