Hi I’m Sunny,

It has been speculated that I resemble Ace Ventura. Great!

I don’t take myself too seriously so you don’t have to either, unless you want to?


A little about me

My personality type is ENFP so apparently I am a sociable free spirit. I grew up in Bristol but have done my fair share of globe-trotting and always seem to have itchy feet. I enjoy all kinds of human movement, being outdoors, and good company. Music, food, and sleep are also great.

I graduated Brighton University with a BSc in Ecology and have gone on to work with a number of conservation organizations. Rewilding (both Humans and Habitats) are areas that I am particularly passionate about.

I said a little 😉

Why I started Survival and Serenity

I started Survival and Serenity first and foremost to create a space where I can record the successes and failures of my own Rewilding journey. It will also help me to put in practice everything I have learned, at the same time helping me to integrate new knowledge from people and the world around me.

As Rewilding and Rewilding Humans have yet to reach the mainstream, I would also like to share my views on what they involve and how they can benefit both people and the planet as a whole.

The beginning of my Rewilding journey

The process of Rewilding myself started a few years ago and I haven’t looked back since. This all began with questioning societal norms, altering my life in accordance with my own values, learning more about the interconnectedness of humans and the wild, and most importantly heading outside to experience the natural world.

I haven’t become anti-civilisation, I still wash regularly and I still own shoes. What has changed is that I have begun to free myself from society’s shackles and become a wilder version of myself.

Through outdoor movement, meditation, and practicing basic survival skills I started strengthening my body, clearing my mind, and developing oneness with nature. Dam I sound like a hippie!

Why Rewilding Humans is great

Rewilding Humans is not only great for us but it is great for the planet as a whole. By learning about, and experiencing nature we begin to realise how much a part of it we really are. Our actions become more conscious, our minds and bodies become healthier; we start to feel more alive and free!

I don’t believe Rewilding Humans has to adopt a strict dogmatic approach. What I do believe is everyone can find some kind of benefit from spending more time outdoors and incorporating some tribal wisdom into their everday lives.

Join the tribe!

I’m just a regular guy who grew up in the city, so if I can do it anyone can!

I invite you to join the Survival and Serenity tribe and begin your own Rewilding journey.