Survival & Serenity Daily Habits to Rewild your Life – Book

Daily Habits to Rewild your Life – Book

Daily Habits To Rewild Your Life

Are you looking for a healthier, more robust body, a tranquil mind, and a wilder life connected to the natural world?

Daily Habits to Rewild your Life is a compelling practical guidebook that will enable you to create and maintain habits that contribute to a Wilder Mind, Body and Life.

Concepts and lifestyle behaviours that are the status quo among us modern humans are explored and questioned. For all its convenience modern living does nothing to address the wants and desires of our hunter gather genes. The same is true of our modern habits.

Daily Habits to Rewild your Life presents twelve time-tested habits which are backed by evolutionary science. They enable us to express our genes in the way that nature intended without having to abandon our modern lives.

The habits focus on elements of natural movement, tools that still and calm the mind, experiences that thrust you from your comfort zone, and lifestyle practices that allow us to form a deeper connection with the natural world. This and much more.

First you will learn how to apply habits in an effective manner. Next you will discover the habits that contribute to a wilder life., Finally you will start forming new habits and track your progress with the free habit tracker included with this book.This book contains:

  • The most effective way to create and maintain habits.
  • An insight into conventional bad habits and why they dont provide our genes with the nutrition they need.
  • 12 key habits that ensure a wilder life is willed into existence.

Free bonus: 12 printable custom made habit trackers. One for each month of the Gregorian calender, which will allow you to track your progress.

Are you tired of only touching the surface of life? Would you like to unleash your wild self and see what you are truly capable of as a human being?

Then daily habits can act as your compass and map. It will point you in the right direction and show you the destination you wish to arrive.

All you have to do is start WALKING.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Are you ready to get started?

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Book Length (95 Pages)